When SILVEO was founded, the company’s positioning was based on Next-Gen technologies. SILVEO‘s DNA is based on both supply chain and manufacturing skills (business, logistics and production) as well as its knowledge of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES & LES technologies (Manufacturing Execution System / Logistics Execution System) on the systems side.

SILVEO and Industry 4.0: Skills and Methodology

In the 2010, the concept of Industry 4.0 was born in Germany developed in France under the name Industry of the Future supported by the Government and Industries. This movement aims to promote new technologies within the industry:

  The Internet of Things (IoT): the Internet of connected Machines/Objects

  Big Data: massive storage and analytical synthesis of data

  Machine Learning: artificial intelligence via machine learning

   The Blockchain: guaranteeing the authenticity of transactions (all types)

   APIs : facilitated and standardized communication between systems

    Analytics : the analysis of the data thus captured to make the numbers speak

This initiative to include digital at the heart of the industry, fits perfectly into the DNA of SILVEO strategically positioned at the crossroads between logistics, industrial and digital.

Considering that the transition to these ambitious goals can only be achieved step by step, therefore focusing initially on concrete steps that bring added value, our aim is to help customers to understand the benefits of Industry 4.0, to identify the topics of value and to support them during their implementation by relying on a proven methodologies including:

   Design thinking

   The agile methodology

  Business knowledge in the fields of Supply chain and manufacturing

  Technical competence in computer science and systems

Advantages of utilizing SILVEO for innovation: agility and responsiveness

In the field of innovation similar to that of research, one of the key success factors is time.

When it comes to making a quick prototype to demonstrate value on a project (we are talking about MVP), SILVEO has the advantage of being much more agile and responsive over any hierarchical enterprise. Decision-making, for example in the areas of investment and to provision resources, is accelerated, without the constraint of a historical activity that could negatively influence the search for innovation.This translates into an ability to quickly produce prototypes for our customers to demonstrate SILVEO‘s ability to:

  1. Provide an innovative solution, adapted to the need
  2. Accompany our customers on a larger scale realization

It is this capacity, as well as all of SILVEO’s business and technical knowledge, that gives SILVEO competitive advantage.

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